PD by Design: Interweaving Learning [In Person]

Like any skilled artist, teachers rely on a set of unassuming yet powerful tools to refine their practice and create a transformative learning environment. Join Karrie Edwards in this training where she unveils practical and simple techniques that ignite student motivation and foster a classroom culture of love, respect, and value. 

Whether you are a new teacher embarking on your teaching journey or a seasoned educator seeking to enhance your instructional approach, this training will benefit you and your students. Karrie Edwards has meticulously curated a collection of functional tools that will empower you to guide students towards positive learning behaviors and remarkable achievement. 

You'll gain invaluable insights into cultivating student motivation and creating a classroom atmosphere where every individual feels valued and inspired. From proven strategies for engagement to fostering a culture of respect, you will learn how to wield these effective tools with precision and artistry. 

Step into your role as an artist of education and embark on a journey of educational excellence like never before. Unleash your teaching artistry with the power of effective tools.